All of our Emulsions, flavors and extracts are made with natural and artificial ingredients.
Natural products are available, but there will be a minimum order required.


We have a variety of sizes; 4oz bottles, 8oz bottles, 32 oz quart bottles to gallons bottles.


Emulsions: This is a gum-based flavor. It is the most economical and widely used in the baking industry. The rule of thumb for the usage is 2-4 oz per 100 lbs. of batter.
Flavors: This product is a glycol-based flavor. It is stronger than the emulsion, and also moderate in price.
Extracts: This product contains alcohol. It is the strongest of the three and also the most expensive.
Please contact us to find out which extract we produce and can get for you.



Some of our popular flavors are:


Almond Banana Blueberry
Butter Butter Vanilla Cherry
Coconut Guava Lemon
Mango Maple Mocha
Orange Pina Colada Pineapple
Raspberry Rum Strawberry
Watermelon Vanillas - Clear and Dark Pure Vanilla Extract



Other flavors that are produced and requested:


Apple Anise Apricot
Butterscotch Bubblegum Butter Rum
Black Walnut Butter Pecan Bourbon
Brandy Chocolate Cinnamon
Melon (Cantaloupe or Honeydew) Lime Mango
Peppermint Pistachio Pecan
Tamarind Toffee AND MORE...JUST ASK!




Keep in mind that Dennco is a specialty flavor house, we can take any special request and we are up for the challenge.  Please do not hesitate to call with any requests.


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